Louvre Windows

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Louvre windows are often overlooked when considering window design for a home. You find them more often in commercial premises, but that’s not to say they are any the less suitable domestically.

Formerly popular for use in kitchens and bathrooms, they are now being used in all locations throughout the home. It’s easy to see why, as they have a number of advantages, such as

* ventilation – you can easily control the amount of outside air being let into the room by adjusting the opening level, so if it’s windy you can open them just a little for ventilation without a draft. In fact these systems will bring in natural light and superior cross ventilation to your home, dispensing with the need for air conditioning and saving expense.

* ease of use – at Streamline Windows we make various operating systems for our windows, so you can have anything from a purely manual system to a remote controlled system that’s electrically operated.

* versatility – these systems can be mixed with other types of window, such as double hung windows, to lend variety to a wide window area, or you can have multiple banks within the same perimeter frame, with different sizes and styles. For example, the lower panes could be of wood or frosted glass with the upper panes of plain glass with a powder coated finish, or you could have one bank of aluminium or timber blades of our smaller XXcm size and one of glass in our larger YYcm size.

If you’re concerned about the security aspect of these systems, then don’t be. It’s true that until recently this was an issue, with instances of glass panes being removed from the outside to give access to the building, but this weakness in design has been overcome.

They are now as secure as any other window. They have been successfully installed in hotels, restaurants, offices, schools, retail outlets and all kinds of other public buildings worldwide. They now have an enviable reputation as being among the most secure window systems available.

Quality Windows By Streamline Windows

At Streamline Windows we have taken security very seriously, and have operating systems available on these types of windows that will suit all tastes and pockets. Whichever operating system you choose, it will incorporate a locking system to foil even the most determined housebreaker. In addition, all our units have built-in fly screens as part of the frame.

Using aluminium frames means that they will not suffer from corrosion, and have a life span measured in decades. They are built to form a tight air-proof and water-proof seal when closed. Yet they open in a second or two fully horizontally to give the greatest amount of ventilation of any windows Brisbane. And if protection from the elements is your concern then be assured they can easily withstand the most severe monsoon winds and rain.

All Streamline Windows products are custom made to any size required. Our maximum depth on this system is 2,700mm with a maximum width of 5,400mm, but larger areas can be covered through additional units.

All in all, these systems have come a long way over recent years, and are a wise choice for adding airy brightness and style to any home.